Strato & Hosteurope: Define a default e-mail address

If your hosting provider is Hosteurope or Strato, you have to provide the used e-mail address (which you use for the test.php or which is entered in the config.php file) in the corresponding customer area / customer control center as well. Contact the support team if necessary.

Instructions for Hosteurope (warning: could be out of date!)

As a Hosteurope customer, you must also set the standard e-mail address in the CIS (Customer Information System or Admin Area) here:

Administration -> Web hosting -> *your customer no.* -> scripts-> Standard e-mail address

The contact form only works after you have entered your e-mail address in this field. Please note that you also have to enter your e-mail address and your name in the config.php file. (see installation instructions)

Strato: AOL, Yahoo and possibly Hotmail e-mail addresses will not be delivered

If a user enters an AOL or Yahoo address in the contact form, the message will not be delivered to the corresponding recipient address (see config.php). The reason is that the e-mail servers of Strato (potentially other hosting providers as well!) reject these e-mails according to the DMARC guidelines of AOL and Yahoo. For more information, you can also visit the Strato FAQ page. In our opinion: Hotmail addresses may also be affected in the future.

Solution to ensure that users with such an e-mail address can send a message via the contact form:

Look for this line in contact.php:

$success = sendMyMail($email,

Replace this line with this:

$success = sendMyMail($recipient,

Now, instead of the user's sender address, your recipient address (see config.php) will always be displayed as the reply address in the mail program. To reply to the sender, you can simply tap on the e-mail address that appears under "Email" in the body.

Solution to ensure that e-mails are sent to the recipient address (which is an AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail address):

If it is the recipient address (see config.php), we recommend that you set up a different forwarding address with your hosting provider instead of AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail. However, we cannot guarantee that e-mails to AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail will be delivered even if you have a forwarding address. Alternatively, you can also activate SMTP. You will need the respective SMTP data to do so.

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