Advice to the AGB/terms of use

Please be aware that the offered software on is subjected to copyright. The use is only allowed under complined to the following points.

Before downloading and using this product the user is asked to accept the AGB/terms of use entirely.

Part 1: General Part

1.1 Conclusion of the contract

For contracts with the company the AGB are valid exclusively. Offers in prospects notifications etc. are - as well as concerning prices - without engagement and without commitment if not an explicit binding confirmation took place. Deviant AGB or additional agreements of the customer do not apply. There will be as well no task if the company explicit answers back.

1.2 Propagation of the software

Basicly the download is only allowed directly from the download-page of The download page is free to link, the direct download-link not. The direct download of the product from different webpages is only allowed with a writtin confirmation by Michael Knothe.

1.3 Adoption of program code

The adoption of program code on specific parts of the software in other projects is only allowed with the written confirmation of Michael Knothe. If there is an confirmation on an inquiry of the adoption of program code the rest of the rules are still valid. Existing details e.g copyright notice have to be clearly stated linked to the webpage Furthermore it has to be indicated to the program code which has been taken over from the php contactform to distinguish the origin clearly.

1.4 Legal use

The author is not obliged towards users of the product to check, if through the publication or use of the product or by his contents rights of a third party or the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, or of another state or an international federation are affected or are injured. This is responsibility of the user. The user releases the author from results, caused by possible law breaking by publication or use of the products. He is obliged, to completely substitute, the claim of the originating and/or already resulted damage to the author.

Part 2: The Software

2.1 Terms

On provided software (formerly mt-contact form of Michael Knothe) can be downloaded free of charge

The following conditions are valid.

• By application of the product in private areas only (also associations) without commercial or commercial intention the product is free of use.

• In the commercially oriented or commercial application a commercial licence must be acquired for using.

• For removing the copyright advice, independently whether privately or commercially, a non copyright licence is acquired.

• With the acquisition of a licence the licensed product is allowed to be used once (as a number: 1).

• Changes and/or enlargements of the product can be permitted with the following restrictions: The copyright advice is not allowed to be manipulated or removed in any way. The origin and the name Of original products must be recognizable furthermore clearly and be announced on inquiry.

• The user is not entitled to leave the products or achievements to a third party for using against payment, unless Michael Knothe has approved the surrender before expressly in written form.

• The copyright advice may not be changed. Any change leads to the immediate loss of the Authorisation of utilisation. It has to go straight to the author Mr. Michael Knothe assign with hyperlink reference The copyright advice may not be overlaid or faded out.

Part 3: Final Provisions

The company reserves itself the right to change these terms of utilisation in the future or to complement. The users commit themselves to check on changes in these conditions in regular time intervals or to check supplements. With the use of the products the users agree on the valid Version of these Terms and Conditions. The company constantly takes care to protect his users and also third party against law breaking or unlawful contents on the Internet. Users, who ascertain offence against these Terms and Conditions are asked to report this to Michael Knothe.

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