Embed the Contact Form in your Website!

An iFrame is the easiest way to integrate the contact form into your website so that it is responsive. You only need to insert a small line of code at a suitable position! It does not matter whether it is a static or a dynamic website (e.g. WordPress, Bootstrap, Joomla!, Typo3, etc.)

Follow the step-by-step instructions below. The Define height section in particular is worth reading for a fully responsive integration!

1. Insert the following code at a suitable position!

Note: This iFrame does not yet include automatic height adjustment.
»  Go to iFrame with automatic height adjustment!

2. Customize the iFrame!

URL for the form
Insert the URL for the contact form between the quotation marks of src="". Pay attention to whether the URL starts with http: or https:!

Set the width
You can adjust the width of the iFrame using the width parameter.

Note: If you do not want the contact form to be responsive, you can also enter the value under "width" in px (e.g. 720px). For example:

Set the height
You can adjust the height of the iFrame using the height parameter. As an alternative, you can have the height adjusted automatically. (see next section!)

Tip: iFrame with automatic height adjustment
1. You can also set the height to automatic adjustment. To do so, insert this Javascript code between <head> and </head> on the page on which you want to embed the contact form:

Important: The Javascript code only works if the contact form is on the same domain.

2. In addition, insert this iFrame code at a suitable position:

Ensure you use the correct URL between the quotation marks of src="" if you write out the URL. (especially with regard to http: or https:)

3. Show the thank-you page outside the iFrame!

It can make sense to display the thank-you page outside the iFrame. Insert this code in your thank-you page between <head> and </head>.

4. You’re done! :-)

Custom Form

You need a custom request form in a responsive design for your homepage? No problem! Send us a message!