Spamproof guestbook for websites!

Are you looking for a guestbook with spam protection for your website?
In addition to our contact form, we can also provide you with a spamproof guestbook script offering a full range of functions! The PHP guestbook features an appealing design (Responsive Design) and is extremely easy to install and customise. It also offers the user a range of snazzy smileys! cool
Are you getting guestbook spam despite CAPTCHA? Not with our guestbook!

Note: The download link is at the bottom of the page!

Guestbook Demo (Responsive Design)

Guestbook appearance
guestbook appea

Leave a message
guestbook leave a message

Admin area (Username: gbadmin Password: gbpass)
guestbook admin area

Guestbook Features

  • Very easy installation!
  • Three-tier spam protection: time-out function, hidden field and security question (on/off)
  • No security code/CAPTCHA
  • User-friendly configuration via the admin area
  • Edit, delete, add comments
  • Moderation mode / approval function (on/off)
  • E-mail notification (on/off)
  • Insert smileys by clicking on them
  • Preview function
  • Backup function
  • Time-out function protects e-mail addresses from bots
  • Set the character length of fields
  • Set the number of posts per page
  • No knowledge of PHP or other IT skills required!
  • Barrier-free - valid XHTML/CSS and responsive!
  • Responsive Design / mobile-friendly - Optimized for smartphones and tablets!
  • No MySQL database required (only uses .txt files)
  • Customisable design using a style sheet and templates
  • Multilingual (you can choose which language to use)

A complete overview of all functions is given here: Guestbook functions

Download and install guestbook

The guestbook is only available on the manufacturer`s website The website also contains the installation manual and the licence conditions.
Go directly to the download page: Guestbook Download

Custom Form

We also program custom HTML and PHP contact forms. Contact us now - no strings attached.